Rush Hour Etiquette

Sure “driving etiquette during rush hour” sounds like an oxymoron, and it is, particularly because we're focusing on Massachusetts, the land of rotaries, colonial era highways, missing stop signs, and aggressive personalities. The challenges of getting to work over an infrastructure originally designed for horses make adherence to the informal rules of the road a necessity to keep traffic flowing, plus avoids flashed middle fingers, blown horns, and insults screamed by teenagers with their heads hanging out the window.

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Hyper-convergence: the culmination of virtualization

If you are responsible for IT spending, both CapEx and OpEx, you should read this article. Changes to the IT landscape, with the potential to shake things up as much as virtualization and cloud computing have, are on the way if not already here. It’s called Hyper-convergence, and it will have profound ramifications for how IT, on the infrastructure side, is managed and staffed.

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The biggest cheaters on Ashley Madison quiet....and don't tell anyone it's all a big fib

As almost everyone knows, Ashley Madison, whose slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair" was the victim of about the worst data breach imaginable. Still unknown hackers targeted the site, apparently because they considered the site immoral, and stole ‘members’ personal information, which was then posted for all to see on the Internet. Since pretty much the only reason anyone would join Ashley Madison is to have an affair, AKA cheat, people who had joined were horrified to have their names made public. There have been divorces, extortion attempts, and even suicides linked to this hack.

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Why review your business processes?

Why is everyone buying from Amazon and not us?

All businesses have methods of doing things, most of which have grown up along with the company. It’s a good idea to examine these processes and procedures periodically, because they tend to get off track over time. Here are questions to ask, illustrated with personal examples. These examples start with the obvious and become more subtle and complex.

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ERP Software: Don't buy a Pug if you need a St. Bernard

Don't buy a Pug to rescue stranded hikers, no matter what the salesman shows you

Everyone wants to save money installing software…… but 'saving' isn’t nearly as important as 'not wasting' money during a software installation, because there’s a lot more money to lose than there is to save. We’ve all heard the horror stories—4+ year installations of top shelf ERP systems that never work quite right, warehouse automation software that doesn’t ship anything, or even Business Intelligence tools and CRM software that no one uses. Those are big money losers.

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Westminster's "first in the nation" tobacco sales ban fiasco

Wild times in the Elementary School

Independent Sentinel photo

What’s up with Westminster and the national news? We’re a small, relatively conservative, rural town in central Massachusetts up near the New Hampshire border, yet we keep making the national, and even international, news. We’ve lived in town about 16 years, and the Town of Westminster has hit the national radar four times. For a town of 7,400 inhabitants, that’s a lot. And it’s always for oddball things.

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