Crow Hill Associates: What We Do

Crow Hill Associates does consulting work in two main areas—Operations and Information Technology. We specialize in the Publishing Industry, but on the operational side most technology and methodology translates easily to other businesses—shipping books from a warehouse is not much different from shipping cans of soup, and reporting on sales of books is virtually the same process as reporting sales of any other item or service.

Our real strengths are customer service, warehousing (including outsourcing) and order fulfillment, programming, and project management of anything from software installations to setting up a shared service center. Creating a suite of Management Reports is one of our strong points. These reports can monitor SOX or SLA compliance, supply information to field sales forces (who bought what), automate expense reporting; or be more typical reports such as sales by item type, by customer type, etc.

Medium to long term contracts in roles like ‘Acting CIO’ or ‘Acting SVP of Operations’ have proven successful in the past, and for IT infrastructure work, Crow Hill has a strong partnership (and excellent rates) with one of Boston’s most successful IT engineering firms.

We can also help with specific tasks such as setting up websites with freeware, copy editing, writing for blogs, etc., and through our connections can help locate specific people to help with other publishing tasks such as editorial, marketing or printing.

Crow Hill works primarily with small to midsized companies, but will on occasion help with small start-ups or locally owned businesses to do business plans, set up inexpensive websites, or help utilize social media.