The trick to skipping video ads

Sick of those annoying video advertisements every time you click to watch a video? Here’s a very easy way to get rid of them. It’s a cinch, and just takes one click.

On Google Chrome and Firefox there is a video ad blocker called “Ad Block Plus” that can be activated by going to ‘tools’ and then ‘extensions’ and clicking ‘enable’. This works great to skip those annoying ads that run whenever you try to watch a video on YouTube or Facebook, or the South Park video mentioned in this issue’s story about Blockbuster. Usually the video ads are simply skipped although sometimes you have to watch a blank screen for the length of the video ad, which I prefer to the ad itself. I’m not sure why Google has this feature available given that they own YouTube and sell ads, but I guess they figure that 99.9% of the people don’t know about it.

On the South Park video site, for instance, there are three sets of 5 ads each……incredibly annoying. With this ad blocker enabled, the video pauses for a split second, skips all five ads, and then resumes immediately. I wish I’d known about this handy little feature 500 video advertisements ago.

An interesting side note on this is the online site "reddit". It’s quite popular but not profitable, and the owners are purists, not wanting to sell the site, so they try to support it with minimal advertising. They ask you not to use ad blockers like the above, and surprisingly, many reddit users don’t. The site obviously has a loyal following. 

Note: if you don't have the Adblock extension already appearing in your 'extensions', you can download it for free in seconds. If you are in Chrome, in extensions there will be either a note saying you don't have any extensions, or if you have some but not this one, at the bottom of the list will be the option "get more extensions". Click on this, which takes you to the "Chrome Web Store". Use the search feature to find Adblock Plus--Three Apps show up on top, and then comes Adblock Plus, the first extension. It's free and takes a second to load, and you are all set. Note that there are many more good extensions here as well.