Customer Service

The customer service gold standard

Nothing creates long term growth and customer retention like excellent customer service. Customer service has an even bigger effect on your company’s image than all the marketing money in the world can buy. Now, with the rise of social media, the effect of a good or bad customer service experience is magnified even more. Click here to read more on the effect of social media on customer service.

Monitor Social Media

Smart companies are monitoring social media for complaints, so they can address them before they explode on sites like Facebook, Twitter or However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound (or even more these days) of cure, and good customer service is the key to prevention and retention. Read Customer Service and the Rise of Social Media

Jay Shenk, the Principal of Crow Hill Associates, was directly responsible for both customer service and client relations at:

  • While VP of Fulfillment Center, Little, Brown and Company customer service rated #1 and #2 in publishing industry (1990 thru 1997)
  • While VP, Time Warner Trade Publishing earned fulfillment contract for Disney and Microsoft Press based on customer service reputation (1992 and 1997)
  • While GM of Shared Services, Triumph Learning (division of Haights Cross Communications) fulfilled all orders in 24 hours or less, contributing to 500+% growth (2000 thru 2009)