Programming and Reporting

Get the most out of your business software with our Reporting Web Portal. Thanks to the relationships we have established from managing IT groups, we have access to some of the top programmers and DBAs operating in the US and Canada today. Our specialty is creating web portals which can automate reporting, both securely and user specifically, for field sales forces, corporate management, and financial information. This is a very cost effective way to make use of all the data residing in your base business systems but not easily accessible for everyone who could use it. Note: Our programming expertise is specific to systems running on MS SQL Server, or which can be ported to SQL Server by standard MS tools such as SSIS.

Some of our programming success stories are:

  • Launched a complete suite of sales, marketing, and financial reports delivered over the web to supplement a legacy ERP system
  • Automated BRC processing that interfaced to an ERP system, cutting processing time from 6 weeks to 2 days while reducing office and warehouse staff by 10
  • Developed production tracking system to monitor both progress and adherence to budget