Jay Shenk, Principal

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Why Crow Hill Associates?
You would choose to hire Crow Hill Associates (CHA) if you want a consultant (Jay Shenk) who is a proven executive and can hit the ground running. Unlike most consulting firms, with CHA you won’t get a recent graduate from a big name school who will sit in order entry for a week, at a high hourly rate, watching your clerks enter orders. And two months later you won’t get an 80 page PowerPoint presentation, of which 70 pages are stock verbiage that comes with the template. Rather, you’ll get the job done, efficiently and cost effectively. You’ll choose CHA if you want the job done right at a reasonable price. We have the experience to know that a function like order entry is 95% the same across all companies, and we just have to find the 5% that’s unique. There’s no sense paying a recent graduate $200 an hour to learn that other 95%.

Crow Hill Associates prides itself on delivering value to its clients. Our services pay for themselves quickly and many times over. Anyone can cut costs from a business, but to do so while improving performance is a much rarer skill.

If this sounds like how you’d like to approach your issue, email Jay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 978-758-8516.

About Jay Shenk
Crow Hill is a consulting firm owned by Jay Shenk, a business executive with over twenty five years of operations, logistics, and technology experience.

He has held positions as diverse as Director of Programming, General Manager of Shared Services, SVP of Operations, and Chief Information Officer; for Fortune 500, start-up, privately held, and entrepreneurial companies

Who are the associates?
Crow Hill’s associates are people Jay’s worked with throughout his career, and knows to be the top in their fields. Most work Jay will do himself, but if he needs specialized knowledge, he’ll call in an Associate or associated company.

Crow Hill maintains close relations with a Boston IT infrastructure consulting firm, recently identified by Microsoft as one of the fastest growing IT companies in the US.

Where did the name Crow Hill Associates come from?
Leominster State Forest begins directly across the street from Jay’s house, and in that forest is found one of the hidden treasures of Massachusetts. Within these woods the Midstate Trail snakes for miles along a ridge of cliffs, the tallest of which are known as the Cliffs at Crow Hill. U.S. Army Rangers train on these cliffs, Jon Krakauer, the author of Into Thin Air, learned to climb on these cliffs, and during the summer many amateur climbers test their skills on the Cliffs at Crow Hill.  The cliffs are beautiful to hike, with trails winding along on both the top and around the base of the ridge of cliffs. It’s a great place to hike in the summers and easily accessible. Take a picnic and you can sit on top of the cliffs and see for many miles.